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Throw our Confetti Popcorn in a bowl and throw a party! The festive colors in this sweet popcorn treat will give you reason to celebrate. Just be sure to share the cheer! With our Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn, it couldn't be easier.

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Confetti Popcorn

gaslamp popcorn

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Popcorn Recipe Directions:

Put popcorn in a large bowl that you have lightly buttered. Put sugar and water in a small pan and boil to 238°F on a candy thermometer (or until it forms a medium ball in cold water), adding the food coloring toward the last of the cooking. Pour over the popcorn and stir evenly, then sprinkle at once with the icing sugar. Make sure you continue stirring until the syrup turns sugary and the kernels separate.

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Popping with pride I have to write and compliment you on your Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn. We have to say it is the BEST and I mean the BEST we have ever had. Who is, "we" do you ask? My Mom and Dad and of course, me. My Mom purchased it at Vons in Oxnard, California. We sat and ate just about the entire bag at one sitting. It wasn't hard at all due to the deliciousness of the popcorn. Keep up the great work, as I am sure everyone who bites into the Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn, smiles the sweetest smile.
Life is an adventure Pop into it!